Monday, March 31, 2008

For Tech Leaders

As I See IT: Digital Principals, Kimberley Ketterer, 12/07-1/08, p. 28

Kimberley motivates administrators and leaders to begin using the digital tools they require their teachers to use. They can model appropriate use.

Hand in Hand: The Mature Family, Marilyn Brooks, 5/06, p. 64

As I See IT: What’s the Big Deal about ROI and TCO? Don Hall, 9/05, p. 48

Security Code, Red or Ready? Don Hall and Pat Kelly, 3/05, pp. 28-30

Teacher-to-Teacher Mentoring, Kathleen Gora and Janice Hinson, 12/03-1/14, pp. 36-40 (letter 3/04)

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