Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Curriculum Nominations

Business Ed
Simulations as Action Learning Devices, Dan Smith, 2/08, pp. 30-31

Computer Science/ICT
Fostering Student Innovation, Norman Slverman, 10/05, pp. 29-30
Role-Playing the Web, Janet Mannheimer Zydney, 9/05, pp. 30-31
Trash or Treasure? Evaluating a Web Site, Kathy Schrock, 12/05-1/06, p. 34

Early Childhood
Digesting a Story, Stacy Bodin, 5/06, p. 37

Foreign Language
Improving Students’ Language Learning, Lyn C. Howell, 3/06, p. 32

Dynamic Human Anatomy, Ken Felker, 6/07, p. 35

Language Arts
Improving Student Writing through E-mail Mentoring, Mary Burns, 2/05, pp. 38-43
Electronic Read-Arounds, Rick Monroe, 5/07, pp. 36-37
Piquing into English, Melissa Cole, 5/08, p. 36

Create Accessible Ethnic Math Games, Sheri Lenzo, 10/06, pp. 32-33
Dynamic Visualizations by Margaret L. Niess, 12/07-1/08

Quality Images in the Classroom, Savila Bannister, 2/07, pp. 34-35
Research, Deconstructed, Leslie Yoder, 12/07-108

Physical Education
Activating Your School: Movement-Oriented Learning, Pete Rognli, 4/07, pp. 32-33

Students as Environmental Consultants: Simulating Life Science Problems, 9/04, pp. 22-25
Virtual Dissection, Douglas Toti, 9/05, p. 29
River City: The MUVE, Cathleen Galas and Diane Jass Ketelhut, 4/06, pp. 31-32
Changing the Face of the Traditional Lab Report, Jared Mader and Ben Smith, 9-10/07, pp.32-33
iPods in Science, Jared Mader and Ben Smth, 2/08, 28-30

Social Studies
Beyond Show and Tell: Using Spreadsheets to Solve Problems, 10/03, pp.27
Making History Come Alive, Howard Levin, 11/03, pp. 22-27
Lewis and Clark: An Online Odyssey, Gail Lovely, 11/03, pp. 28-31 (letter, 2/04)
Kids Galore Helping Kids in Darfur, Wendy Drexler, 11/07, pp. 32-33

Special Needs
Signing Science, Judy Vesel, 5/05, pp. 30-31, 34-35

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