Friday, February 8, 2008


The L&L staff was excited to introduce the Point/Counterpoint a few years back.

How do you like the column? Which topics stuck out as the best? Which sparked conversation among your colleagues? Which issues did you also grapple with in your setting? How did the discussion help make a decision?

And, do you remember any of the responses to the topics? Which made you go back and read the topics you missed?

Find Links to all Point-Counterpoint columns here: (Again, this is a long one.)


Anonymous said...

The PowerPoint discussion from 2005
(November issue) was very good. I love this column every month, but often it is kind of one sided. I also liked the cell phone one where Liz Kolb totally dominated her opponent as she defended the cell phone!

Anonymous said...

I liked the P/CP about RFID from Nov. Vol 34. That was an interesting discussion that will probably surface again. I also liked the one on national student tracking systems from May Vol. 34. I think it will make a lot of sense in the near future. The P/CP on chatspeak in the Nov. vol. 35 issue was also good. This could get interesting if texting continues to distill the language.