Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The feature well is the lifeblood of L&L. It is where practitioners can talk about the big issues currently affecting teachers in the classroom, teacher educators, ed tech advocates and students.

Which of L&L's features spoke to you? Which made you write off an angry response taking the author to task for their cavalier attitude or lack of information about your particular situation--or at least think about writing a letter? Which made you sing their praise in the teacher's lounge, either online or offline?

Which did you copy to show to your principal, teachers or elected officials? Which did you assign to your students? Which did your students bring to you?

Refresh your memory about the recent features here: http://bestofll-links.blogspot.com/2008/02/feature-links.html


Tech Connections said...

Bridging the Digital Divide is SO IMPORTANT. The feature article on Social Justice presents solid ideas on what we can do to realize greater equity in educational technologies. The article is:
Social Justice Choice or Necessity? By Colleen Swain and David Edyburn

Tech Connections said...

Security vs. ease of use/availability of information and resources. This is a HUGE isses and The Threat of Security by LeAnne K. Robinson, Abbie Brown, and Tim Green is a very important discussion on this topic.

A MUST read!


Anonymous said...

I really liked the rat story! (Plagiarism by J.V. Bolkan, March 2003). The story on new schools in the April 2003 issue rocks too, I think it was by J.V. Bolkan, Jen Roland, and some other guy.

Anonymous said...

I second the nomination for the new school article. Well-written and presented lots of interesting ideas to others planning building projects in their districts.

Anonymous said...

Savilla is right! Not only was the "Threat of Security" an excellent article on a critical topic, the cover art was incredibly striking (the roped man cover got lots of people to ask what I was reading)