Thursday, February 7, 2008

Issue Oriented

I'd like to start with the first column in the magazine: Issue Oriented by Anita McAnear.

Which of Anita's columns really spoke to you? Which did you include in course packets, refer back to, or copy for your colleagues?

And, what exactly made your favorite columns so special? Was it the way she connected current issues with technology-based pedagogy? Was it a nugget that will continue to resonate with classroom teachers for at least the next few years? Or was it simply that her take on a complex idea helped you better understand it and apply it in your own teaching?

Think about your favorites, then nominate them in the comments section. Feel free to comment on others' selections, whether you agree or not.

Read links here: (Beware, this is a very long post. I also link to the main L&L page in the left nav.)

I'll be asking for nominations from all sections of the magazine, so feel free to capture other great articles in a sticky note on your computer or in the comments section here. I'll move them to the appropriate blog post later.

Thanks to all!


Tech Connections said...

Equity in Practice is still a very timely piece. We can't wait for money to fall from the sky. Each of us has to work to give students access to technologies NOW. We also must provide engaging and relevant experiences for all students with the technologies. Nice work, Anita!

Anonymous said...

Anita's column 32/7 was fantastic, she did a great job linking good teaching with ethics and citizenship in a very concise and fun to read column.